One of my first trek in Mumbai was at Sandhan Valley. Since I am new to Mumbai and don’t know many people here I decided to look through Facebook to find some travelling group and that’s  how I came to know about aberrant wanderers. I have one word for these guys and that’s “Awesome!”.

The team at Sandhan Valley
The team at Sandhan Valley

The whole trip was a wonderful experience. A trip with so many fond memories and with so many wonderful people. Sandhan Valley is an amazing place to trek. It’s not an easy one and you might have to climb, slide, roll, wade through hip-deep freezing water, rappel down waterfalls, it will definitely make you take a deep breath but the view you get to witness and the place you camp will definitely take your breath away! The leads were really amazing people. So patient, so caring and they took care of us from the beginning until the end. Kudos to Sanketh and team for organising this wonderful trek! To me personally, I don’t think I will be travelling with any other group other than Aberrant wanderers. I hope I can join you guys on another adventure really soon!

dehne bridge at end of sandhan trek
Dehne bridge at end of the sandhan trek

By Anand Ramanathan,

ABWs Sandhan Valley Trek on 25th-26th November 2017