Part-I “A Dream come true”

Day 0 started. with a random plan of attending a cousin friend’s wedding and then joining the team for the frozen river trek.
After some wonderful moments spent at the big fat wedding, our journey began in the cutest car.. Nano.!
We covered 2000kms in 9days.. Staying in 4star hotels… in Palaces.. to 3star hotels and in a “5billion star hotel” along the smooth and never ending highways, getting trolled on some of the hilarious moments… listening to some evergreen classic Hindi songs…in freezing temperatures .. making new friends… & eating super delicious and utterly butterly food, was just all we needed to make a perfect road trip.!


Visiting the two most beautiful cities of Rajasthan, and some of the most amazing Forts ever built… it was indeed a dream come true..

amber fort

nahargarh The City of Jaipur

bhangarh fort

BUT.!! this wasn’t a “wanderers” style of trip. So.. to add some thrill we visited the over hyped and so called haunted Fort.. Haunted Fort Of Bhangarh..

At bhangarh palace
After a disappointing horror visit, my beloved friend Niraj came up with an idea of visiting a temple where ghosts visit and worship their lord..
Yes.! we did the most thrilling and disturbing visit (as expected it to be…) to Mehndipur Balaji.. and our ghost buster Advaiya managed to click some videos and clicks of the horror temple…crazy guy..

Mehndipur Balaji
He never failed to show his presence around me in different forms.. may it be at Chhitorgarh, Rajasthan.. or Kumbalgarh Fort.. or in Udaipur Palace..

kumbhalgarh camping


Spending 9days in Rajasthan making some unforgettable memories… it was so difficult to say goodbye to the Pink city and move to our most awaited destination.. “The Chadar trek”
It’s took 4years to let this dream come true.. but it was worth waiting that long..

….End of (Part-I “A Dream come true”)…
……..(Part-II “Chadar Trek”)Sajjangarh palace